explain these figures

These figures are solely intended to give a quick overview of the number of WTO Members that have made specific notifications under one or several of the three categories. 

The number displayed under category A refers to the number of Members that made a notification under this category. The same applies to categories B and C. 

In cases of a  Member designating all measures as falling under category A (thereby ruling out the possibility of designating any category B or C commitments), no count was made under categories B and C. Similarly, when a Member notified all measures as falling under categories A or B, thereby not designating anything under category C, the notification was listed in categories A and B only. As a result, the figures for each of the three categories will always differ, with the gap between the ones for category A and for categories B and C only partially being the result of several Members not yet having handed in their category B and C notifications.   

For a more detailed analysis, please visit the notifications dashboard where you will be able to run queries according to different criteria and obtain more data views.  The notifications list shows the exact share of notifications under category A, B, C and "not yet notified" by Member.  The Member profiles also provide a platform to view the notification status of an individual Member in depth.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact the WTO Secretariat