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The TFA Database website is managed by the WTO's Trade Facilitation Committee (TFC) team.  The TFC oversees the operation and implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement and provides WTO Members with a forum to consult and share experiences.  

The Trade Facilitation Agreement requires WTO Members to present a series of notifications, which form a crucial part of the Agreement's implementation architecture. In light of the significance of this information, Members requested a web tool that allows them to access, examine and analyze this complex set of data and to track the TFA implementation status, amongst other functions.

Since its creation, this website has expanded in several areas and new tools were developed to follow the evolution of the Agreement and to respond to requests by WTO Members.

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About the TFA Database

The content and analytical functionalities of the WTO TFA Database are based solely on notification data submitted by Members as mandated under the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

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