The WTO's Trade Facilitation Committee (TFC) was established on 22 February 2017 when the Trade Facilitation Agreement entered into force.  In broad terms, the TFC oversees the operation and implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement and provides WTO Members with a forum to consult and share experiences.  More information on the institutional arrangements and responsibilities can be found in Article 23 of the TFA.

Experience Sharing

The Trade Facilitation Committee serves a forum for WTO Members to consult and share experiences related to the operation and implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement. 

Here you can find all the experience-sharing presentations made by different delegations in all TF Committee sessions together with the key extracts from all thematic discussions.

View Experience Sharing

Notifications Matrix

New dedicated page offering an overview of the state-of-play on notifications and ratifications received as requested by WTO Members at the TFC. 

Here you can access a consolidated notifications matrix that can be viewed online and can also be exported to Word and Excel.