Implementation notifications (Categories A, B, C)

Developing and LDC Members can request more time and capacity building support to implement the Agreement. To benefit from these flexibilities, they must designate all measures into categories A, B and/or C which have the following implementation timings:

CATEGORY A  = developing Members will implement the measure by 22/02/2017 and LDCs by 22/02/2018

CATEGORY B  = Members will need additional time to implement the measure

CATEGORY C  = Members will need additional time and capacity building support to implement the measure 

Notification requirements for WTO Members:  who needs to notify what, by when and how?

Notification Tracker

How many Members have presented implementation notifications?

Category A


Category B


Category C


Not yet notified any designation


Notification requirement Overall Developing LDCs
ABC designations 22/02/2017 22/02/2018
Number of developing and LDC Members 125 89 36
Members that have presented ALL designations 114 91% 86 97% 28 78%
Members that have NOT presented ANY designations 6 6% 1 2% 5 14%
Members that have presented SOME designations 5 4% 2 2% 3 8%