Key Extracts

The Trade Facilitation Committee provides a forum for WTO Members to consult and share experiences related to the operation and implementation of the TFA.  

Here you can find all the experience-sharing presentations made by different delegations in all TF Committee sessions together with the key extracts from all thematic discussions.

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Implementation experience

Overall approaches and practical aspects regarding the implementaiton of the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Capacity Building support

Ongoing technical assistance programmes and overall approach to capacity building support.

3 - Advance rulings

This measure regulates the means by which a trader can obtain reliable "binding" information about the tariff classification, origin, or other customs treatment of  goods before he or she imports them.

7.7 - Authorized operators

This measure regulates the special or preferential customs treatment provided to reliable traders.  

23.2 - National Committee on Trade Facilitation

This Article requires WTO Members to establish a National Committee on Trade Facilitation to facilitate the domestic coordination and implementation of the TFA measures.

1.4 - Notification

This measure relates to the publication of information for government officials and traders.

2.1 - Comments and information before entry into force

This mesure regualtes the process through which national trade legislation is made. Traders and other parties must be given an opportunity to comment on trade-related proposals, customs laws and administrative regulations.

7.6 - Average release times

Measuring the performance of customs and other border agencies with respect to the release of goods.

10.4 - Single window

This measure regulates traders's submission of documents/data required by customs and other border agencies to import, export and transit of goods shipments through a "single window" or "one-time submission". 

10.9 - Temporary admission of goods and inward and outward processing

11 - Transit

This measure regulates international transit procesures and the promotion of agreements and coordination on transit matters at a regional and bilateral level.


Experience-sharing on measures adopted in response to the COVID-19 situation.