Contact Points

This page is a gateway to connect with a variety of essential contact points, as notified by WTO Members under the Trade Facilitation Agreement:

  • Enquiry points (Article 1.4 c):  specific contact points designated by each WTO Member to facilitate the exchange of information and respond to inquiries related to trade facilitation
  • Customs information exchange (Article 12.2.2):  dedicated contact points for the exchange of customs information
  • Technical Assistance provision (Article 22.2):  contact points from donor Members or agencies responsible for providing technical assistance and capacity building support
  • Technical assistance coordination (Article 22.3):  contact points of developing and LDC Members responsible for coordinating technical assistance and capacity building
  • Transit coordinators (Article 11.17):  contact points of transit coordinators

About the TFA Database

The content and analytical functionalities of the WTO TFA Database are based solely on notification data submitted by Members as mandated under the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

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