Czech Republic

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Article 8 of Decree no 245/2016 Col., implementing Customs Act

Explanatory website

Act no. 61/1988 Col., about mining and explosives

Act no. 228/2005 Col., about civil weapons

Act no 38/1994 Col., about military weapons

Act no 263/2016 Col., Atomic Act

Act. no 378/2007 Col., about medicines

Act no.326/2004 Col., Phytosanitary Act

Act no166/1999 Col., Veterinary Act

Articles 47-55 of Act no. 242/2016 Col., the Customs Act

Articles 108-124 of Act no 280/2009 Col., the Tax Procedure Code

Articles 81-93 of Act no 500/2004, Col., the Administrative Procedure Code

Articles 102-119 of Act no 150/2002 Col., the Judicial Procedure Code

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