1.3 - Enquiry points

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Indicative date of implementation 31 December 2024
Definitive date of implementation 31 December 2028
Shift Shift from Cat. B to Cat. C notification.
Assistance required for implementation 1. Model order establishing enquiry points and their duties.
2. Procedural guide for enquiry points.
3. Technical assistance in testing the reliability of the system and making recommendations for improvement.
4. IT equipment (computers and scanners, Internet) for the focal points.
5. Training in information processing and publishing tools.

Tags: Information and communication technologies (ICT), Legislative and regulatory framework, Infrastructure and equipment, Human resources and training

Donor / Agency

International Trade Centre, Cross-border trade flow in agricultural products in West Africa

Progress reported
19 February 2021 — G/TFA/N/NER/4  
Establishment of border trade information offices

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