Trade Facilitation Committee

19 July 2017

WTO members stepped up efforts to ensure the implementation of the landmark Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) at the 19 July meeting of the Committee on Trade Facilitation. Members highlighted the need for continued submissions of remaining ratifications and notifications and worked on defining the Committee’s work and procedures.

Several Members at the meeting called for continued submission of the outstanding ratifications and notifications.

Members also continued to work on defining the work of the new committee. The chair said that members were continuing their consultations on the committee’s rules of procedures based on a proposal by Argentina, Norway and Japan. Members also discussed the committee’s future substantive work, including notifications, experience sharing, and updates on technical assistance and capacity building.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

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The content and analytical functionalities of the WTO TFA Database are based solely on notification data submitted by Members as mandated under the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

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