Trade Facilitation Committee

25 June 2019

At the session held on 25 June 2019, Amb. Mohammad Qurban HAQJOA (Afghanistan) was elected as the new chair of the Trade Facilitation Committee.  A number of delegations delivered experiences with the implementation of Art. 1.4 - Publication and Art. 23.2 National Trade Facilitation Committees.  

Members discussed the implementation of the Agreement, analysed progress made and highlighted remaining work to be done, with some drawing attention to upcoming notification deadlines, related challenges and available support.  They also agreed on rules of procedures for the Committee based on a proposal by Argentina, Japan, Norway and Paraguay.  

Meeting Agenda

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Meeting Minutes

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Experience Sharing and other presentations

Subject/TFA Article Member/Presenter Title
WTO Secretariat

Status of ratification and notification process

WTO Secretariat

Status of ratification and notification process (Nora Neufeld)

Members' Experience-Sharing

Article 1.4 - Notification

United States of America

G/TFA/W/13 - Developing the Article 1.4 notification

Article 7.6 - Average release times

Article 7.7 - Authorized operators


G/TFA/W/12 - Plazos medios de levante y programa de Operador Económico Autorizado en aplicación del AFC

23.2 - National Committee on Trade Facilitation

Sri Lanka

Functioning of Sri Lanka's National Trade Facilitation Committee



Statement by Nepal on behalf of the LDC Group

Other Information-Sharing


STDF (Standards and Trade Development Facility)

Driving safe trade solutions worldwide: STDF’s role (Marlynne Hopper)

Recent and upcoming activities


Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (Philippe Isler)


TFAF (Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility)

Trade Facilitation Agreement Facility (TFAF) update (Sheri Rosenow)

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