Explain these metrics

This graph shows the rate of implementation commitments by all WTO Members over time.  Collectively, these commitments provide a roadmap of when the TFA can be expected to be fully implemented by the entire membership.

The figure is composed of implementation commitments by:

  • developed Members who have committed to implement the Agreement upon entry into force, that is by 22/02/2017; and
  • developing and LDC Members who have committed to set their own timetable for implementation in their cat. A, B and C notifications. The timetable for implementation of developing and LDCs is calculated as follows:
  • Cat. A commitments by developing Members to be implemented upon entry into force, that is by 22/02/2017
  • Cat. A commitments by LDCs to be implemented one year after entry into force, that is by 22/02/2018
  • For Cat. B and C commitments of both developing and LDCs, the database takes into account definitive dates for implementation when these have been notified, otherwise, it considers indicative dates. If no dates are available , either because the article item has not been notified or it has been notified but with implementation date "to be determined", then this particular article item will be counted as implementation commitment date "yet unknown".  
  • All yearly calculations are based on the 22 February of any given year.   

Implementation obligations only commence once the Member has completed the ratification process.  

About the TFA Database

The content and analytical functionalities of the WTO TFA Database are based solely on notification data submitted by Members as mandated under the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

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