El Salvador

Operation of the single window

In accordance with the law establishing it, El Salvador's Single Window for Foreign Trade is the Import and Export Processing Centre (CIEX). Its aim is to centralize, speed up and simplify official procedures for registering, authorizing and issuing the documents of various government authorities dealing with foreign trade.

The Central Reserve Bank (BCR) has been operating the "Export Window" since 19 September 1989. Its biggest success has been the reduction of waiting times from 15 working days to less than one minute, and the changeover from face-to-face to 100% virtual procedures. Authorization for this derives from the Export Recovery Law, which established the Export Processing Centre (CENTREX).

It should be noted that the success achieved in terms of facilitation results from the fact that the computer platforms developed by the BCR enable the integration of trade-related actors, including exporters, importers, customs agents, special customs attorneys, chemists, pharmaceutical chemists, agronomists, livestock specialists and other professionals in the field of human, plant and animal health, together with administrative officials dealing with formalities.

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