Eswatini, Reino de

Art. 1.4 - Los datos de contacto de los servicios de información

Art. 12.2 - Puntos de contacto para la cooperación aduanera

Ms. Lungile C. Dlamini

Eswatini Revenue Service

Portion 419 Of Farm 50, Along Mr103

+268 2406 4050

Art. 22.3 - Contactos para coordinar la asistencia técnica

Lungile Portia Dlamini

Co-Head of the Eswatini National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) Secretariat

Contact point for international and regional organizations intending to provide support for implementation of the TFA in the country:

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade – International Trade Department

+268 2404 1808

+268 2404 1809

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