Publicación de información para los gobiernos y los comerciantes

No fees charged and no charges imposed for any Customs formality
Explanatory website

French public Health code for drugs, psychotropic substances and medicines

Environmental Code for Cites certificate, persistent organic pollutants, ozone depleting substances and waste

Rural and Maritime Fishing Code for animals and animal products, plants and plant products, food for animals and certain food stuffs

Defense Code for arms, ammunitions, explosives and war material

Internal Security Code for acquisition/importation of firearms

Code for the import and export of cultural goods

Explanatory website - transportation of art objects

Explanatory website - circulation of cultural property

Chapter VI – Penal provisions (Articles 408 to 440 a) of the French Customs Code

Right to be heard: Articles 67A to 67D of the French Customs Code

Administrative appeal: Article 410-1 of the Code des relations entre le public et l’administration (Public-Administration Relationships Code)


Appeal to court: Articles 352, 357 and 358 of French Customs Code

Article R.431-9 of the Administrative justice code

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