Ratified on the 16 December 2016

Rate of implementation commitments


Publication of information for governments and traders

Art. 1.4

Import, export and transit procedures

Art. 1.4

Contact information of the enquiry points

Art. 10.4.3

Operation of the single window

Art. 10.6.2

Use of customs brokers

Art. 12.2

Contact points for customs cooperation

Support for capacity building

Art. 22.1

Assistance and support for capacity building provided

Art. 22.2

Process and mechanisms for requesting assistance and related contact points

2 experience sharing presentations

Member experience sharing

2 experience sharing presentations

Member experience sharing

Notifications and other documents

Symbol Date Description
G/TFA/N/CAN/4 2020-10-08 Articles 22.1 & 22.2   EN
G/TFA/W/24 2020-09-29 Ottawa Group: Trade Facilitation measures taken in response to COVID-19   EN
G/TFA/N/CAN/3 2018-08-15 Article 22.1   EN   ES
G/TFA/N/CAN/1 2017-07-03 Articles 1.4, 10.4.3, 10.6.2, 12.2.2   EN   FR   ES
G/TFA/N/CAN/2 2017-07-03 Articles 22.1 & 22.2   EN   FR   ES