The Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA):  what's it about?

In broad terms, the TFA is about:

  • Delivering practical measures to expedite the movement, release and clearance of goods (including goods in transit) 
  • Removing the regulatory and procedural burdens traders face when conducting international trade
  • Improving cooperation between customs and other authorities
  • Enhancing technical assistance and capacity building for the implementation of the TFA
  • Allowing developing and least-developed Members (LDCs) to set their own timetable for implementing the TFA according to their capacity

 Factsheet: how does the TFA cut red tape at the border for easier trade? 

And how can it benefit you as a trader?

  • It will reduce the burden you experience when you trade across borders
  • It will improve cooperation between customs and other authorities 
  • It will allow you to have faster access to the following information online:
    • Import, export and transit procedures 
    • The operation of the single window - a one-stop shop for all import, export and transit procedures
    • The use of customs brokers
    • Dedicated enquiry points to answer questions regarding importation, exportation and transit of goods